Stuart & Rachel, Auckland

Date Posted:8 August 2014 

Buffalo Grand Canyon 42", Kamado Joe

We purchased our first Hauland product nearly 5 years ago now. It was a 42” Buffalo Grand Canyon & Trolley. My wife is a Chef by trade and we spent considerable time researching our options before deciding on the Buffalo. We cook on the BBQ at-least 3-4 times per week and over these 5 years have whipped up many a grand feast, especially enjoying the rotisserie for lamb and chicken. The Team from Hauland have been out to service our BBQ on a couple of occasions and have always been efficient and timely. Around 2 years ago we decided to try a NEW cooking experience and purchased a 18” Kamadojoe. The variety of foods we have experimented with include: glazed hams, pork rolls, ribs, vegetables, butterfly chickens, full chickens, turkey, lamb legs and of course lots of steaks. The flavours that are developed are hard to describe but I can truly say that we love using our Kamadojoe and are regularly entertaining friends and family from food it cooks with nobody going home hungry or disappointed. I highly recommend Hauland products and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.