Charmaine Smith

Patio Heaters

We purchased two of the outdoor heaters at the home show.  We have been so impressed with the convenience and the style of the heaters. We are now able to use our deck a great deal more in the winter, as long it is not raining, even it is really chilly we just put on the heaters and we are as warm as toast.  They really have extended our living area. As you will see we only had a small wood burner but we lost most of the heat from the top of the chimney, and also it was not anyway as stylish as the patio heaters. At the time we thought it may have been over kill buying both sizes but find if it is only mildly cold the small heater is great, but on the chilly nights just having the extra heat is fabulous. Also because they are so portable, we will be purchasing an outside dining table this Summer and being able to wheel the heaters anywhere on the deck will give us the flexibility as to where we position the table. We are very happy with the patio heaters and the service we have received. We would love to win the BBQ as we are sure it would match the high standard of the products we already have purchased from Hauland.