ServeBoy Duo Superbianco Unico


Cooking without limits


indu+ introduces an entirely new cooking experience. Thanks to the modular induction hobs and mobile trolleys you can take your kitchen outdoors in no time. The induction hobs (one zone, multiflex, wok, teppanyaki...) are easily exchangeable, and allow you to adapt the trolley at any time. Cook, wok or grill, indoors or outdoors, has never been so easy. With the solid and trendy indu+ trolleys you roll your kitchen to wherever you want: in the garden, by the swimming pool or on the terrace. The only prerequisite is the availability of electricity. This is literally cooking without limits!

Compose and customise your outdoor kitchen by choosing your favourite trolley design and size and pick your choice from the extensive range of cooking plates. End up by selecting your accessories and start enjoying the real pleasure of in+outdoor cooking!


Top Quality


"Blum" system in the drawers to ensure they close easily and silently

High quality wood used

Sturdy stainless steel castors with ball bearings and brake. Thus the trolley is easy to roll across any surface: grass, patio tiles etc.

In the trolley is a waterproof socket for the cooking plates


ServeBoy Duo Superbianco Unico


Solid Walnut wood

Brushed stainless steel

High-quality composite for top

Waterproof cover included

Cutting board included

Knife holder included

Bottle holder included


Now you have picked your trolley all you need to do is pick your cooking surfaces


Cooking surface options for this trolley are:


indu+ 580 Teppanyaki induction (including 2 spatulas)

indu+ 600 - 4 zones in+outdoor





  • Weight: 62kg
  • Overall: 600x1000x900mm