Premium Texas Blend Pellets


GMG pellets are made from pure, kiln-dried sawdust, which never touches the ground. The pellets therefore contain no animal droppings or other dangerous contaminants and GMG never use additives. The clean hardwood brings out the natural flavour of the food without overpowering it. Each bag contains 12.7 kg of food-safe hardwood pellets.

GMG Pellets are larger than standard pellets. This means they last longer – compare burning a log to burning kindling – which would last longer? Our pellets are almost 100% dust-free and this means you get to use all of the pellets you buy instead of just most of them. And finally, our pellets ignite automatically when you turn on the switch so no lighter fluids or dangerous igniters are required.

This aromatic blend of black oak, hickory with a splash of mesquite, produces more smoke than our other blends. The pellets are a deep chocolate brown and will burn hot. If you’re after big taste, the Texas Blend is the perfect pellet for you.

RRP: $49.99