Kit Panettiere


The Kit Panettiere is designed to make bread baking tools available to everybody: wooden peel, pastry board, wooden box for rising process, cotton cloth, dough box, pastry cutter, wooden chopping board, glove. The tools in this kit are the same as those used in traditional bakeries. The difference is in the dimensions. In fact, they are designed to be suitable for home use and especially for Alfa Pizza ovens. All the tools in the kit are Made in Italy and certified for contact with food products. The tools in wood are entirely handmade and the remaining ones are selected according to high quality standards.


Wooden peel: the peel is made of steamed beechwood and realised with a specific processing for food products. It is perfect for any dish but mainly for bread baking.

Pastry board: the solid spruce pastry board with beech head is perfect to work the flour and for the dough rising process.

Wooden chopping board: the spruce wood chopping board is needed to cut the dough and to cool the bread once it is taken out of the oven.

Wooden box for rising: the solid spruce box is breathable and it is ideal for the rising process of loaves of bread. It is equipped with separators in order to make better use of the space available.

Cotton cloth: the cotton cloth is used to wrap the loaves during the rising process in the wooden box in order for improved breathability and to better handle the loaves.

Box: the plastic box guarantees the proper air conditions and maximum hygiene for rising dough. Furthermore is it suitable for any kind of home refrigerator.

Pastry cutter: the pastry cutter with ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade is perfect for a clean cut of the dough.

Glove: the heat-resistant glove in 100% cotton bouclĂ© continuous filament is ideal to safely use the hot parts of the wood-fired oven.

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