Indu+ 400 Grill


Induction and infrared cooking


The indu+ hobs excel in design and quality. They integrate the latest induction and infrared technology with high power. The hobs heat up quickly and are easy to operate. Inbuilt touch and slider controls, visual indication and child lock guarantee safety, ergonomic perfection and great ease of use. Each cooking plate is equipped with many different functions and thanks to the high quality materials cleaning is very straightforward.


Grilling is very popular which is no surprise. Grilling gives food lots of flavour and it is healthy because it requires hardly any or no fat. You can grill meat, fish and vegetables fast on the indu+ Grill, directly on the infrared grill plate. The indu+ Grill has a central, round cooking zone where you can grill at maximum power as well as a round expansion zone. The vitroceramic glass is extremely easy to look after. In contrast to a classic BBQ, cleaning this plate is easy as ABC! The glass plate also slopes slightly so that the fat collects at the top in a tray. That makes grilling even healthier!



2 cooking zones

powerful hi-light technology with accelerated warming

high efficiency

simultaneously usable

central intuitive command via touch control

digital display of power (steps 1-9)

easy to clean vitroceramic glass



safety against overheating of the cooking plate

residual heat indication

automatic stop



Electrical network 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Size (WxD) : 400 x 520mm, R=5

Adapted for flushline installation (easy after-sales thanks to access from the back)


RRP: $1,395.00

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  • Overall: 400x520mm