Buffalo Tomtom 32" Build-In BBQ


Buffalo Tomtom 32" Build-In BBQ


Full commercial grade stainless steel

Stainless steel rod cooking grill

Warming rack

Removable drip tray

Double skinned stainless steel roll back roasting hood

Stainless steel flame tamer

4 x SS tube burners

Infrared rotisserie burner - 13 MJ/H (12,320 BTU)

Self ignition valve system

Robust Zinc casting knobs

Heat output 13 MJ/H (12,320 BTU) per burner

2 Year warranty on stainless steel

*Optional: Rotisserie kit, build-in single or double side burner & protective weather cover


  • Weight: 45kgs
  • Cooking Area: 400D x 815W mm
  • Warming Rack: 135D x 815W mm
  • S/S Hot Plate: 395D x 265W mm x1
  • Grill Size: 395D x 265W -5mm dia x2

CoolTouch™ Stainless Steel Hood Handle

All our BBQ’s feature heavy duty full length stainless steel hood handles with special anti-heat transfer technology which ensures that the hood handle stays cool and will not burn when lifting the hood.

Built-In Stainless Steel Dual Temperature Gauge

All our BBQ's feature dual Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature gauges. These are specially incased in stainless steel with a glass window which provides for maximum reliability at all temperatures.

UltraShine Hand Polished Edge Detailing

All our BBQ hoods feature our hand polished edge detailing which demonstrates the extra quality workmanship that is present in all our BBQ's, as well as providing that special stylish presentation and finish.

Commercial grade stainless steel flame tamer

The BBQ flavor enjoyed in food that has been cooked on a quality grill, is all about the flame control. By vapourising juices as they drip out of food, flare ups are prevented and the flavor of the dripping juices is returned to the food. These BBQ's feature stainless steel flame tamers as standard.

High Grade Stainless Steel Cooking Grills

These BBQ's feature solid stainless steel cooking grills which evenly distribute heat. These grills are warrantied for 2 years.

High Grade Stainless Steel Cooking Surface

These BBQ's feature 4mm solid stainless steel cooking hotplates. Stainless steel plates last longer than other plate types. They are also the most hygienic plates because of their easy clean nature and will never be prone to paint or rust flaking, which often occurs with porcelain coated or cast iron hotplates. These hotplates are warrantied for 2 years.

High Grade Stainless Steel Burners

At the heart of any great BBQ are high quality burners. These are the engine of the BBQ and so it is vital they are of the highest quality. These BBQ's incorporate 201 grade stainless steel burners. They are covered by a 2 year replacement warranty.

SureSeal Dedicated Infrared Rotisserie Burner

To rotisserie effectively and ensure that the juice and flavours are kept within the food being cooked, it is important that a radiant heat source is positioned as close as possible to the meat. The back mounted infrared burner ensures even and effective cooking because infrared heat is designed to heat the meat directly and not just the air around it.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Easy Mount Warming Rack

All our BBQ's feature full length warming racks to ensure that cooked food stays hot while completing the rest of your BBQ cooking. Their heavy duty stainless steel construction ensures that they will operate under the high temperature of standard BBQ cooking.

Individual Piezo burner ignition

These BBQ’s feature problem free piezo ignition system incorporating solid brass control valves. Piezo ignition is widely used because of the ease of the use and reliability of these igniters.

Full Width Front Access Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Many BBQ's use a tapered base and drip cup to capture fat that passes the flare control system. However this leads to a build up of fat inside the BBQ that can lead to fat fires. Our BBQ's use a full width drip tray that is accessible from the front of the BBQ making regular cleaning extremely easy.

Professionally Pre-Assembled

Time is precious and you don't want to spend your valuable time assembling your newly purchased BBQ. Our BBQ head units are preassembled by our professional assembly team before leaving the factory. Not only does this save you time, but you can be assured that your BBQ has been assembled to the highest standards, with no parts left over! The BBQ carts come flat packed but are easily and quickly assembled in 15 minutes.

Chrome Plated Zinc Cast Control Dials

Plastic control dials split and break over time. In order to ensure that your BBQ's dials last the distance, all our BBQ's are supplied with cast zinc control dials that are extremely durable and corrosion resistant. They also offer a high quality and durable 'feel', something that you would expect in a leading BBQ brand.

Flexible Alternate Natural Gas Conversion Option

For maximum flexibility all our BBQs can be optionally converted to natural gas by the addition of our natural gas conversion kit which contains everything needed for simple conversion by a qualified gasfitter.